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Free Climbing on Elba

Test your ability as climbers on the rock faces at Fetovaia and Capo Sant’Andrea

The island of Elba has many surprises in store for lovers of free climbing. On the large western promontory, where the highest mountains on Elba are to be found, climbing is possible on the itineraries marked by FASI (the Italian Free Climbing Association) instructors.

Behind Sant’Andrea, Monte Capanne towers over all the other mountains on Elba, at a height of 1,019 metres. Towards Pomonte, still on the crest of the Capanne group, Monte di Cote (900 m) can be seen. Towards Marciana, Monte Giove (855 m), with its rocks and their bizarre forms, provides one of the most spectacular landscapes on the island.

FROM THE BEACH AT SANT’ANDREA. Even the rock faces at Sant’Andrea can be climbed. However, information should be obtained before planning a climb, as there are some periods of the year when this type of activity is banned to avoid disturbing the birds nesting there.

OTHER ITINERARIES: “Monte S. Bartolomeo”, accessible from Chiessi, “Madonna del Monte”, above Marciana, and the “Fetovaia” rock face are other points where rock faces suitable for free climbing can be found.

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