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The most surprising side of Elba

The western ring is where you’ll find some of the most idyllic places on the island: S.Andrea, unique for its smooth rocks, Marciana, Poggio and other picturesque little medieval villages and Fetavaia, a magical creek leading to the green kingdom, a fantastic chestnut forest full of water courses. Don’t leave Elba without seeing the top wonders of the western side.

The most romantic beach

“Paradise for two”

Cotoncello Beach

Small, intimate, secluded, natural and heavenly. In a nutshell, unique!
If you want to surround yourself in a perfect microcosm or if you’re looking for the ideal place for an unforgettable, romantic moment, then Cotoncello, in the Bay of S.Andrea, is the beach for you!
Visit it with winds from the south, southeast and southwest.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Green Kingdom

Magic in the green kingdom

“Monte Perone and surroundings”

Trekking in the green lung

The peaks of Monte Capanne and Monte Perone, crossed by a grid of stunning footpaths, are where you’ll discover panoramas of incredible beauty and large, cool forests with lots of streams. Discover the details of the Green Kingdom, recounted by Roberto Ridi, nature photographer.
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Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Fetovaia

Like the tropics

“A Caribbean paradise”

Fetovaia Beach

In addition to swimming in the crystal clear waters, take a stroll along the scenic road around this gorgeous bay, where you’ll find many panoramic views like this, the backdrop for an unforgettable selfie! The beach offers pay parking, loungers/parasols, bars and restaurants.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Medieval Villages

4 top medieval villages

“Timeless charms”

Visit them all in one go

On the western ring, there are four of the most beautiful medieval villages on the island: S.Ilario, S.Piero, Marciana and Poggio. You can visit them all in the same day and, for a truly memorable day, try a vintage tour in a delightful, classic Fiat 500.
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Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Cavoli

A unique microcosm

“Perfect when the Mistral’s blowing”

Cavoli, the beach with the balmy microclimate

Cavoli enjoys a unique microclimate that makes it warm and welcoming all year round. This is why we suggest you visit in spring or autumn, when there are fewer people. You’ll enjoy the pleasure and relaxation found on what is considered to be the most beautiful beach on Elba.

Small seaside villages

“With a human dimension”

Seccheto, Pomonte, Chiessi and S.Andrea

Find peace and relaxation in one of these small seaside villages; stress will be just a memory. Each of these small seaside villages has a delightful coastline where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday and a slower, healthier pace of life.
Discover the smooth rocks of S.Andrea >

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Elviscott

The shipwreck for everyone

Just 5 metres below the surface

The wreck of the Elviscott, near Pomonte beach, can be visited using a snorkel. An experience for everyone.
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Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Marciana

The highest peak

Climb to 1019 metres in the cable car

Take the lifts near the medieval village of Marciana up to the highest peak of Elba and admire a unique panorama!

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Natural Gardens

Natural gardens at high altitude

“In the flowering period”

Explore the rocks covered with helichrysum and desert brooms

Follow the advice of our experts and you will be accompanied on one of the finest experiences to be had on the island of Elba. High Altitude Floral Gardens is part of our Unexpected Paradise®.
Departure from Chiessi, footpath no. 3 joining no. 25.
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Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Tombe Beach

The appeal of dark shingle

“In unspoiled nature”

Tombe Beach

Between Fetovaia and Pomonte lies a true paradise, le Tombe, a pristine, uncrowded beach with no amenities, entirely covered with dark shingle. You can reach it by canoe, boat or on foot, along footpath no. 23 through the aromatic essences of the area, such as rosemary and fennel. Take extra care on the final part, which is steep.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Bay of S.Andrea

The location of photographers


Bay of S.Andrea

A gorgeous bay that will enchant you with its crystal clear waters, delightful beaches and the smooth rocks studded with “witches’ nails”. Come in the spring, when you’ll see the blooms – a truly unmatched show of colour.
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Book your stay at a hotel with a travel specialist at your disposal to help tailor your holiday with activities and events most suited to your interests. Here is a hotel with Personal Manager, located on the western ring.
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Tour the whole western ring and stop at Publius, a renowned restaurant in the delightful village of Poggio. Then treat yourself to a romantic night in this room in perfect
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Swim to the wreck of Pomonte and then later take the cable car to the highest peak – a fun experience for the whole family. Read also Ideas for families >

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