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Comfort and relaxation of the Island of Elba the best offers selected for you

If you don’t believe Elba is a luxury destination, you’ll be surprised to discover that the island offers many opportunities for a truly exclusive holiday with all the charm and comfort to pamper and thoroughly spoil you.
Here are the best services selected by the Elba Unexpected Paradise ® Team

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Hotel Ilio

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Hotel Hermitage

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Common denominator

Small Charming Hotels or Luxury Hotels?

Choose the best hotel for your holiday. Do you prefer a delightful, elegant hotel? Or are you looking for total luxury? Here are two alternatives selected by our team.

Hotel Ilio is not a luxury hotel but a charming little boutique hotel with contemporary design, where hospitality is all about the details and experiencing a fabulous stay.

Hotel Hermitage is a 5 star hotel with a wide range of high-level services, perfect for a very demanding clientele.
For more information visit our Elba charming hotels page

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Paglicce Beach

“Tasteful delight”

Charming restaurants

As Elba’s most fascinating location, we selected Paglicce Beach from the proposals of the HI GUIDE to Elba’s restaurant excellence, compiled by Maurizio Testa, personal manager of the Boutique Hotel Ilio.
For more info: HI GUIDE >

“Private yacht”

Guided tours

Charme weighs anchor

Sailing to the most beautiful beaches on board a private yacht with your personal skipper and in the company of an official National Park guide is a dream for many.
Make your reservation for this tour with the Personal Elba Consultant of the Hotel Ilio if you are a guest of the hotel, or alternatively contact a charter club.

“charming beach”

Beaches of charme and elegance

Elba’s beaches have mostly kept their natural state but we can recommend a seaside location offering great comfort, where you tread on the finest sand and enjoy the service of the most charming beach resorts on the island, Paglicce Beach.


just where you are

Wellness treatments as part of room service

Choose your wellness treatment and ask for room service, perhaps in the suite by the sea with panoramic views of the beautiful bay of Sant’Andrea.
This is one of the special services offered by Boutique Hotel Ilio.
Book your room and wellness treatments>

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In an historic house

“Among gardens and vineyards”

Wine Tour – Tenuta la Chiusa – Golfo di Portoferraio

Enjoy all the wonderful sensations of a walk through the vineyards of the La Chiusa estate and its romantic gardens. If you wish, you can also book an interesting wine tour in the prestigious historic home. For your stay in style, we recommend one of the new hotels we have selected.

“classic car”

Fiat 500

Vintage tour through the old villages

Why not try visiting the most beautiful places on the island on a vintage tour? In a delightful, classic Fiat 500. Travel along panoramic roads and through medieval villages to interesting artistic and cultural destinations and excellent restaurants.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Charme

Elba Golf Club

“take a swing”

in the open air

Get away from the crowds and enjoy a day playing golf on the wide greens of the Acquabona Golf Club. Not far from Portoferraio, the island’s first golf course offers an interesting technical route, with many ups and downs in a hilly landscape
For more info: Elba Golf Club Acquabona >

“Top comfort”

in the open air

Travelling to Elba by air

If you wish to arrive on Elba quickly and in maximum comfort, use the air taxi and Heli taxi services available for clients booking the Hotel of the Year. You can arrive in under an hour, avoiding delays, queues and long transfers.
The Air taxi and Helicopter Taxi services are arranged by the Hotel of the Year.

“Sea Transfers”

Charter & Skipper

Return to the mainland on board a private yacht

The Tuscan coast is not far from Elba and rather than taking the ferry, you could arrive or depart on board a private yacht, bringing you quickly to your destination without any of the usual inconvenience and delay.

Other holiday suggestions

The best way to appreciate the majestic beauty and nature of Elba is from the water on board a boat and in the company of an official guide of the Tuscan Archipelago Park. So the perfect solution is a private charter, with trips planned in every detail, which you can book at the hotel of the year, Hotel Ilio. For info >

A romantic sea tour of the island, with a personal skipper on a boat just for you?
Depart from the Bay of Sant’Andrea, the location of the Hotel Ilio, the only hotel with personal manager, who will book your tour to any destination. Hotel Ilio. For info >

Children in tow? Then we advise you to choose comfortable accommodation at the Hotel Hermitage or the Hotel del Golfo, both overlooking the beaches of two wonderful, natural bays. The perfect solution for families.
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