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Windsurfing on Elba

There is not risk of windsurfers getting bored on Elba. The weather and sea conditions are often such that they can windsurf in complete safety even on the coast which is exposed to strong winds from the northwest.

Windsurfing on the island of Elba is a combination of the pleasure of sailing and physical activity in a spectacular setting of nature that is welcoming yet wild. Even during the hottest part of the summer, there will nearly always be a breeze, especially in the western part of the island, between Capo Sant’Andrea, Pomonte and Chiessi.

If you are a beginner and do not have your own surfboard, you can hire one on the best beaches. If you intend to make use of your holiday to improve your technique and finally manage to do power surfing and jumping out of the water, the places which hire boards frequently organise courses for all ages and levels, supervised by qualified instructors.

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