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Kayaking on Elba

Sea kayaking on Elba combines the joy of discovery and exploration with relaxing and healthy physical activity.

Sliding along the surface of the water in a kayak: can you imagine a better way of discovering the many hidden surprises off the north-western coast of Elba?

Kayaking relaxes the mind and strengthens the muscles. There are those who take up this sport to meditate in solitude and those who look at it as a proper sport. Whatever your motivation, nothing in the world can provide the close and personal contact with nature that these ancient vessels can.

Excursions are available on Elba with the assistance of qualified instructors, who will help you to perfect navigation and rowing techniques hand in hand with nature, in one of the most beautiful stretches of coastlines in the Tuscan Archipelago. If you have not brought your own kayak, there is no problem: you can hire one on the beach at Sant’Andrea for a few Euros.

TO THE EAST OF CAPO SANT’ANDREA. Going eastwards towards Marciana Marina, a coastline of flowing rocks and minute little beaches only reachable from the sea will lead you to the little bay of the “Caletta”, where you will find a beautiful gravel beach ideal for a rest and a long and relaxing swim. The bolder of you may want to carry on for another four miles towards the beach at Fenicia, practically on the docks at Marciana Marina.

TO THE WEST OF CAPO SANT’ANDREA. Along the coastline leading to the lighthouse at Punta Polveraia, three miles west of Capo Sant’Andrea, is one of the most beautiful parts of the island. You will be able to row surrounded by a sea with glaring reflections, in direction contact with completely unspoiled nature and a view out to sea, where Corsica is visible on clear days.

Sea kayaking – Itinerary n° 6

By kayak along the coast from Marciana Marina to Capo Sant’Andrea, around Punta Polveraia, and return.

Departure is from the beach at Fenicia, near the breakwater protecting the seafront of Marciana Marina. Characterised by large mounds of gravel and, on the left, easily accessible rocks, the beach has swimming structures, in addition to the services provided by the bordering village. It is accessible by car, driving along the coast road to the Torre Pisana. Parking is available in the port area or in the immediate vicinity.
From the beach at Fenicia, the coast is followed in a westerly direction for about a mile until reaching the small bay of the “Caletta”, where there is a small and suggestive gravel beach. Carrying on towards the west, the “Cala” is reached, a small bay surrounded by thriving vegetation reflected in the crystalline sea.

Further to the west, against a background of thick vegetation, rocks and minute beaches deserted even during the peak season, the beach at Capo Sant’Andrea is reached after about four miles.
The kayaks can be left on the beach and some refreshment obtained from the small bars in the village. Before starting the return leg, it is worth stopping in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, reaching the lighthouse at Punta Polveraia (3 miles from Capo Sant’Andrea) further to the west; Corsica can be seen on clear days. On this stretch of still wild coastline, the seabed provides fantastic colours for scuba divers to admire, and the occasional surprise of finding some remains from ancient boats from past ages which sank here with their precious cargoes.

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