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“Biodiversity” has been very much the in thing among environmentalists and naturalists in recent years, and indicates the heterogeneity and variety of animal and plant species. To rediscover the extraordinary value and richness of nature, an alternative form of tourism has become popular which, together with visits to cities and monuments or seaside holidays, involves excursions in forests, flowered meadows, lakes, rivers and streams, the coastline and rocky mountain peaks, observing and watching trees, flowers, rocks, grass, insects, birds and mammals; this is bio watching.

From April to October, there are excursions in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park with environmental guides and specialised instructors, involving bird watching, the observation of birds in free flight, and all the other life forms and their natural habitats, in a full immersion into Mediterranean flora and fauna.
A map of the area, spotting books, comfortable shoes and clothes for walking, a k-way, a notebook for taking notes and a backpack with food and water; only binoculars are missing, and you are ready to enjoy this unusual but exciting adventure. Bio watching is not merely a hobby; it is a journey into the heart of nature, and Elba is one of the best places to enjoy it.

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