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“Magical colours”

The sparkling side of Elba is here

The geological wealth of Elba, a unique mining heritage in the world, is at its greatest on the eastern side. Beaches, landscapes and footpaths are set in amazing scenery. Discover them with us.

A treasure chest of thousands of colours

“Don’t miss”

The amazing little lakes of Rio Albano

One of the most surprisingly beautiful mining landscapes is that of the intensely colourful lakes of Rio Albano. This a much appreciated walking destination, especially on days when the colours are at their brightest; find out more in the Elba Unexpected Paradise® section. Find out more >

Small, bright villages

“In the mining heart of the island”

Capoliveri, Rio nell’Elba, Rio Marina and Cavo

Visit the villages of the eastern side of the island that have long been linked to the mining tradition. In Rio Marina, there’s an interesting mining museum, which you can visit and afterwards you can take a walk through the streets of this ancient village. If look closely, you’ll see the minerals shine in the plaster of the older buildings and also in the sandy beaches of the shoreline.

3 top beaches

“Don’t miss”

Ortano, Cala Seregola and Cala delle Alghe

If you’re on the eastern side, don’t miss a day on one of these three beaches. It’ll be an unforgettable experience, a true paradise of “sparkling” sensations. Go to Cala Seregola, the Mineral Beach! You’ll walk on iridescent black sand, and occasionally find small pieces of pyrite, quartz and other interesting crystals.

Paths of worship and prayer

“In a stretch of Spanish landscape”

The sanctuary of Monserrato

Close to Porto Azzurro, one of the most welcoming towns on this side, you’ll find a delightful sanctuary set in a rugged and secluded valley reminiscent of Catalonia. The building dates back to the early sixteenth century and was built by José Pons y León of the Dukes of Arcos as a reminder of the Monserrat in Spain. Take a stroll in this pilgrimage site starting from the valley below, you’ll find it open on September 8 for a week of celebrations dedicated to the Madonna of Monserrato.

Down to 24 metres below sea level

“magnetic attraction”

Ginevro Mine

One of the most beautiful mines on Elba, Ginevro, with tunnels reaching up to 90 meters below sea level, is situated on the promontory of Calamita. Local associations organise guided tours of this wonderful site and you can go down 24 meters below the sea level to admire the mine tunnels that have been made safe. For more info see Lunar Terraces in the section, Unexpected Paradise® >

At the mineral school

“A wonderful open-air mine”

Elba Mining Park

Enjoy a walk along the most beautiful trails of the Elba Mining Park. Visit Valle Giove, the largest mining site on Elba. If you have children, take part in the educational activities organised by the Mining Park for groups or individual visitors and then enjoy a tour aboard the picturesque little train. Visit the museum and then go for a walk to discover the magical colours and lunar landscape of the Rio Albano mines.

Tour by speedboat

“departure from Porto Azzurro”

Remaiolo Beach and Costa dei Gabbiani

Remaiolo is a small, blue gem of a beach, not to be missed! You could charter a motorboat from Porto Azzurro and get there by sea. You’ll be greeted by the deep blue of the sea as you pass by the old mining ruins. Definitely worth the trip! Travel along all the wonderful stretch of sea of the Costa dei Gabbiani. The best conditions are with winds from the west, northwest and north.
Discover more in Lunar Terraces in the section, Unexpected Paradise®

“Elba Gravity Park”

For Mountain bike lovers

If you’re passionate about fat wheels and have some experience, you’ll find some of the best ideas here! There is a large area ideal for Mountain Biking between Monte delle Panche and the little lakes of Rio Albano. In the Termine area, especially, you’ll find a unique landscape – a miniature Colorado – where you can enjoy downhill runs and natural ramps. Read more: Elba Gravity Park >

A picturesque attraction

“by the wayside”

Traditional public wash house in Rio nell’Elba

Going along the provincial road between Rio nell’Elba and Cavo, just below Rio nell’Elba, stop for a short break at the Public Wash House. The recently restored building is fed by the spring water of the Fonte dei Canali, through brass inlets dating back to the 16th century. The nearby “Casa del Parco” is the starting point for innumerable excursions in the area. Not far away, in the direction of Cavo, you’ll find the Hermitage of St. Catherine of Alexandria and the Orto dei Semplici, an interesting botanical garden full of indigenous species.

Hermitage and Botanical Gardens

“Mystical places”

Hermitage of S.Caterina

On the road between Rio nell’Elba and nearby hamlet of Cavo, you’ll find the Hermitage of St. Catherine of Alexandria; enjoy the peace and silence of this place of worship and prayer and later wander through the nearby gardens, Orto dei Semplici, to discover a wide variety of local flora. The hermitage is also home to Intonazione, Festival of music and art.

Hire all the equipment you need for an MTB excursion with the expert guides of Elba Gravity Park >

Linger on the mineral side for at least two days, staying in a very romantic mansion, one of our favourite B & Bs:
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The Elba Mining Park offers many interesting experiences for children, such as a tour of the mines aboard the picturesque little train. Enjoy a wonderful day out with fun activities organised by the Mining Park>

By Roberto Ridi
A walk immersed in colourful landscapes as seen through the eyes of the photographer and connoisseur of Elba, Roberto Ridi, who has documented nature’s most wonderful features and also captured people and life in their most authentic aspects.

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