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Outdoor sports on Elba

There are numerous naturalistic and sporting activities to do on Elba

Surprising landscapes, gentle and wild, always strong and intense, and thriving nature, which in spring, when the junipers flower and the orchids, violets and wild lilies colour the fields, is at its most beautiful. The magnificent mountains in the National Park on the western half of the island, from which the entire Tuscan Archipelago can be seen, will amaze you with its pathways and ancient mule tracks immersed in the thriving forest and Mediterranean vegetation. The mountains on the eastern half of the island are equally spectacular, with their mines and typical red iron colour. And again, the precious testimonies of the history of our island, its rich fauna and flora and, for the more sporting, the steep climbs up to the highest peaks.

A little adventurous spirit is all that is needed to discover the secrets of the “other Elba”, that less visited and less renowned by seaside tourists. Visitors who want a close contact with nature, or who simply want to enrich their holiday with new experiences, will be surprised by the many sporting and naturalistic activities available on the island of Elba and in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; from extreme sports, such as free-climbing, to more relaxing ones like tennis and golf, and excursions by mountain bike, trekking on foot or on horseback, archaeological walks, and innumerable opportunities for bird-watching and bio-watching, appreciating the rich variety of fauna and flora on the island.

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