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Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Spiritual TrekkingVisit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Spiritual Trekking

Spiritual Trekking

«There are many ways of appreciating spiritual trekking and Elba can satisfy them all». The photographer, Roberto Ridi, who accompanies us in a very evocative description of the island, tells us

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Black Beaches

Black Beaches

The unique, geological complexity of Elba lends many, varied colours to stretches of the island’s coastline. Besides the famous beaches of bright, white, aplite pebbles, Elba also offers a number of little gems, which islanders like to call their “dark” beaches. These are our favourites.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Elba Oil

Elba Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil golden and fragrant.
«The gentle slopes of Elba are adorned with olive trees that are so characteristic of Tuscany, of which the island is a part» says Fabrizio Galletti…

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Elba Wine

Elba Wine

Quality that grows steadily.
A world to be discovered, alone, in company or at special events.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Garden Hotels

Three Garden Hotels

Garden Hotels on Elba: here are our favourites
Lovely residences with charming gardens in which to relax after the beach.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Cipolla Patresi

The Patresi Onion

A local vegetable with a very sweet taste. «Passing on traditions is easy, making people love and appreciate them is a different matter».

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Natural Set Design S. Andrea

Magical rocks

S. Andrea is about an hour’s drive from the port of Portoferraio. It is a unique place that deserves a visit and offers a great deal in terms of landscape surprise ». Says Loredana Zugno, owner of the publishing house Edizione Immagine, which publishes countless tourism editorials about the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Publius


What do King Juan Carlos of Spain, rock singer Rod Stewart, Queen Rania of Jordan and the champions of Formula One Hakkinen and Alesi all have in common? Publius of course! These are just a few of the internationally renowned guests to have chosen Publius for its gastronomic delicacies, cellar of unique reserves and for its beautiful setting.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Serra Ventosa

Serra Ventosa

«The route to Serra Ventosa starts from the Pisan Fortress in Marciana”,» says Federica Ferrini, one of the most esteemed professional guides of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. And, continuing, adds, «Path 103 is also known as the “Via Crucis di Marciana”, a beautiful stretch over a series of uphill steps, just like a natural “Way of the Cross”.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Il Termine

Il Termine

«Il Termine – Terminus in name and in fact! For those wishing to visit the whole island, this place could also be considered the “terminus” in the sense of the emotional conclusion of a journey to discover the colours of Elba ».

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Trattoria Moderna

New Restaurants

Three recently opened restaurants on Elba
Our team of local Elba experts has selected the best restaurant

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Footpath 100 and "Via Ferrata"

Footpath 100 and “Via Ferrata”

«Footpath 100, which winds along the ridges of the highest peaks of the island, has given me unforgettable sensations!» The photographer Roberto Ridi tells us, accompanying us along the beautiful path full of colours; and continues: «The journey starts from a large area of pinewood with facilities at Monte Perone, close to the provincial road S.Ilario-Poggio, and continues along a stretch of the 105/GTE, also known as “the butterfly trail” and part of the Gran Traversata Elbana (Great Elba Traverse), and climbs steeply to a junction, near Monte Maolo. Here, turning left towards Le Calanche, marks the beginning of Footpath 100.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Myrtle Liqueur with Napoleon

Sipping myrtle liqueur with Napoleon

“The link between Napoleon and the Island of Elba, where the Emperor stayed for 9 months during his first exile, is well known; there are many places designated as official residences in Portoferraio. However, a visit to the fascinating eighteenth-century house, Casetta Drouot, reopened in 2014 on the occasion of the Bicentennial, is an opportunity to learn more about the man”.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Surfing The Waves

Surfing the Waves

“I’d never have thought that you could surf the waves around Elba, but this island is so beautiful and full of surprises,” says Simona Marotta.
Simona, a keen sportswoman and avid reader, discovered surfing ten years ago when her son Francis began under the guidance of Davide, a pioneer of the sport on Elba.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism bay of Sant'Andrea

Three top beaches

Thanks to the varied geological formation of the Island of Elba, the beaches offer a wide range of types from fine sand and white pebbles to the sparkling shores of the mining area.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Grape Festival

Grape Festival

Capoliveri, Caput Liberum as it was once called, is the island’s, and perhaps even Tuscany’s, champion for popular festivals.
This is largely due to the creativity expressed by Michelangelo Venturini, an all-round entrepreneur, painter and social artist, who helped to found three important initiatives that take place every year in this wonderful hillside town.

Visit Elba Island Tuscany Tourism Marciana Medieval Town

Revival of the old medieval town

«The old town of Marciana, with its many streets and buildings still intact, is acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful medieval towns of the Tuscan archipelago and has inspired the creation of a unique, fun and enthralling theatrical production: Marciana in the Sixteenth Century

The guide to the best restaurants on Elba

This is an innovative guide to dining on Elba and includes the best restaurants on the island as selected by a team of experts in the hotel and gastronomy profession. The guide is available both in paper and digital format, in English and in Italian, and is updated annually.

Musical appointments not to be missed

During the spring and especially the summer season, the island has many opportunities to hear music; town and village squares and bars and restaurants become venues for evening performances by young local artists, singers, musicians and bands.

Test yourself amongst the drops, banks and ramps

“Elba Gravity Park is a wonderful, natural park with all the variety and features mountain bike enthusiasts love. There is a network of well-groomed, well sign-posted trails,” says Dario Scattu, President of Gravity Park. “The beautiful, natural setting covers quite a large area…

Cycling through a majestic open-air mineral museum

“The Capoliveri Bike Park has 5 routes departing from the town of Capoliveri and covering the Calamita promontory,” says Maurizio Melis, President of the Capoliveri Bike Park. “We are talking about a maze of paths that can be travelled along by bicycle, of various levels of difficulty, crossing the length and breadth of the promontory…

The past returns to the present

A new way of learning about the history, origins and culture of Elba is to participate in a historical re-enactment, produced by the Historiae Cultural Association. Elba a location well suited for reconstructing famous moments from the past, thanks to the presence of significant architectural remains from very different periods in history…

Trekking in the company of donkeys

“Donkeys are adorable animals, because as well as being of great help in transporting heavy weights, they are docile, well-behaved animals with a peaceful and light-hearted nature, especially in the normal rhythm of our everyday life,” says Luca Giusti, an environmental guide and excursionist whose Somareria dell’Elba has made donkey trekking possible on Elba.

Rooms with sea view, constant relaxation

The sea is the main attraction of Elba, be it for its colours or simply for its relaxing charisma, or even for its innumerable therapeutic properties. This is why we call it “the large marine aerosol”.

Elba New Hotels: the most beautiful selected for you

This is a short review of the best new hotels on Elba, hotels or B & Bs that have recently modernized their furnishings or expanded their facilities in full compliance with local environmental protection regulations. They are the brainchild of experienced architects and designers, who have been able to combine maximum comfort with the characteristic passion for beautiful things that Italians have.

Trekking in the moonlight with Federica Ferrini

Federica Ferrini is well known on the island of Elba and is appreciated as one of the most expert environmental guides from the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Passionate about all aspects of Elba, as well as nature in general, she’ll lead us on one of the most beautiful hiking excursions on the island.

Floral gardens at high altitude

“Overall, the trail is well marked,” – says Roberto Ridi, one of the most respected photographers of the natural wonders of Elba, as he shares his experiences of the places that have always impressed him the most. “I wouldn’t say it’s difficult but it is quite long. And the walk is a very pleasant experience.

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