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Welcome to Elba Unexpected Paradise.
With contributions from leading experts on the island, professional guides from the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and the opinions of many of Elba’s fans, this page offers insight into some of the natural wonders and the most spectacular places that this island secretly safeguards. For those who think that Elba just has beaches, here you’ll discover that there are many surprises in storeall over the island.

The most popular location for photographers

The cliffs smoothed by the sea and that dip into the crystal clear waters; the mantles of mesembryanthemum that one week a year explode in their extraordinary, pink magenta bloom. All this is at Capo Sant’Andrea.

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A stretch of Arizona

On the eastern side of Elba something unexpected awaits. Visit the place known as “Il Termine” and discover a small corner of Arizona.

Floral gardens at high altitude

The wild flowers in the meadows on high ground, drawn by the expert hands of nature. A surprising, captivating trekking route leaving from Pomonte.

Lunar terraces on crystal veils

In Capoliveri, the incredible scenery of the open-air terraces of exceptional colours and the sparkling beaches of minerals; sensational trails, such as the thrill of exploring the tunnels below sea level.

White beaches and tropical waters

The north coast? A progression of white sand and rock silhouetted against the turquoise sea. Ghiaie, Sottobomba, Sansone are just some of the beaches that await you. EachEach to be experienced.

Iridescent colours and unexpected views

Between Rio Marina and Cavo, along paths in the green of the Mediterranean maquis, discover the unexpected openings onto an amazing blaze of colour.

The magic and enchantment of shipwrecks just below the surface

Close to the coast and within easy reach even with just snorkelling equipment, the wreck of a merchant ship that sunk near Pomonte is now home to thousands of inquisitive fish, who can’t wait to make your acquaintance.

A green kingdom

A beautiful forest covers the slopes from Mount Capanne to Mount Perone on the north side of the island.

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