Hotel Ilio is the best hotel on the island of Elba, as ranked by Elba Unexpected Paradise

Hotel Ilio is a Boutique Hotel, which, by definition and vocation, combines the refinement of charm in a smaller dimension, never too conspicuous and very harmonious. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels on Elba, it chosen by the portal Elba Unexpected Paradise for its unique and unmistakable personality and the ability to combine beauty, hospitality and interior design in the natural setting of incomparable beauty that is the wonderful bay of Sant’Andrea, beloved setting for countless photo shoots.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio is the only hotel offering guests the possibility to choose your favourite style, of room or suite based its design and, because the buildings are spread out, also the location. Treat yourself to a romantic-retro stay by opting for rooms in traditional Tuscan style, with four-poster beds and antique furniture, or you can choose something more modern and minimalist like the contemporary rooms or even more simple solutions, like the essential rooms. And if you want to experience the mood that evokes the essence of the Mediterranean, choose the comfortable, elegant mediterranean style perhaps the most popular, along with the mediterranean suite just a few meters from the sea.

The island of Elba is a microcosm with a wealth of sublime locations and it’s really difficult to choose the most beautiful. However, for this year’s “Hotel of the Year” we have decided to focus on Capo Sant’Andrea and its bay because it is perhaps the most popular location for photographic contests and shoots, as well as being one of the most popular destinations with holidaymakers. The cliffs smoothed by the sea are certainly one of the most distinctive elements and the very clear waters, habitat for many species of fish, are definite strengths of this unique setting.
The natural surroundings of Capo Sant’Andrea help make the Boutique Hotel Ilio one of the most special and loved hotels on Elba.

The professional figure who helps guests plan their stay, called Personal Manager, earned Hotel Ilio the “Best Travel Assistant” award.
Guests staying at the Boutique Hotel Ilio can tailor-make their holiday thanks to a travel specialist who can suggest the best things to do according individual tastes and needs. For example, detailed planning for a romantic break or an adventure holiday or a vintage tour of the island. The Personal Manager at Hotel Ilio can book you a boat with private skipper or a professional guide of the National Park to take you on unforgettable excursions; or we can arrange a wonderful vintage tour and guide you to the most interesting restaurants by the sea or on the panoramic mountains in the interior of the island. The possibilities, of course, are endless.
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Also for its food, Hotel Ilio is esteemed as the best hotel on the island of Elba, because guests are offered much more than a simple hotel dining room on the premises or meals taken in a nearby restaurant. Ilio Hotel guests receive the “Elba Top Restaurants HI GUIDE”, a very interesting guide to local restaurants published in two languages, Italian and English. Continually updated, the HI GUIDE is available in hard copy or digital versions and is a selection of the best restaurants on the island according to the experience of the Personal Manager, Maurizio Testa. In Hi Guide you will find only restaurants of excellence, with exquisite dishes, impeccable service from start to finish, a great location and attention to every detail, even the restrooms. In most cases, the Personal Manager will manage to book the best available table for you. An authoritative, truthful and unbiased guide, aimed purely at offering guests an unforgettable stay.
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