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The island of Elba: a distinctive place with many different faces

A true gem of the Tuscan Archipelago, with 147 km of coastline and vastly differing landscapes and scenarios. A distinctive place with many different faces; this is an appropriate definition of the swimming facilities on Elba.

Long stretches of golden sand interspersed with small inlets of pure white pebbles and rock faces towering over the sea, and then beaches of black sand and others with multi-coloured stones; it is not utopia to suggest that everyone can find their own dimension in a corner of the island. Beaches for the sporty, inlets for snorkelers, excursions among the shipwrecks and long stretches for those who simply want to sunbathe; perfectly equipped beaches and wild ones, ideal places for families and areas dedicated to those who want to stay with their four-legged friends.

The backdrop to these settings is provided by thriving nature, pine woods, Mediterranean forest and small hamlets dotted along the coastline. This is a brief description of the different settings to be found on the island.

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