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Magic and enchantment: shipwrecks just below the surface

A mask and snorkel are all you need to admire a piece of maritime history

“an experience for everyone”

A few metres below the surface and from the coast
The Elviscot is the Italian merchant ship that went aground on the Ogliera Rocks near Pomonte. The ship has been there, lying in shallow water at a depth of dozen meters, clearly visible in the crystal clear sea not far from the beach, since 1972. To swim to the wreck is not difficult, and you can admire this piece of history just using a snorkel.

A myriad of fish
Partially pierced, the Elviscot is loved by fish seeking shelter in the wreck that is now worn by the sea and completely covered with algae and other sea creatures. In small shoals or alone, bream, eels, weaver, turbot, sole, croakers..all dart around or hide in the wreck, entering and exiting through the portholes.

“inside the wreck”

only for expert divers

In the heart of the Elviscot
Admiring the ship from the surface is a memorable experience. If you are an expert diver, you can also go down to visit the wreck and, only if you are accompanied by local professional diver, even enter the Elviscot through large openings in the hull, swim along the corridors crossed by beams of light from the portholes or get to the engine room via the smokestack.

“technical specifications”

Depth: 12-13 metres
Degree of difficulty: easy
Sea currents: weak
Visibility: good/excellent
Fauna: bream, eels, weaver, turbot, sole, croakers

“practical information”

for novices

The wreck is lying on a sandy bottom, at an average depth of about 12 meters, in a zone free of particularly insidious currents if the sea is calm. It is a relatively simple dive for an experienced diver, even without tanks, but the company of an expert from an authorized diving school is strongly advised if you wish to go into the wreck.

If you are alone and want to go down to the wreck, we suggest you join a group organized by an authorized diving centre. For simple snorkelling, however, there are no particular problems, and if you want, you can reach the area by boat on one of the excursions leaving from ports nearby.

The wreck is fascinating and Pomonte beach is truly wonderful. You’ll have no difficulty spending a great day there and you could stay overnight at a lovely B&B in the area.

Families can reach the beach of Pomonte on one of the boat trips organized by the many local companies, or under your own steam; a day on the beach with sun beds, umbrellas and bar awaits. Pedalos, which can be rented on site, are a perfect, relaxing means for getting to the wreck. The area is safe, however, if you decide to swim out to the wreck from the beach, take into careful consideration the swimming ability and endurance of all the people who are with you, especially young children.

By Maurizio Testa
Maurizio, an observant and inquisitive traveller, is also a big fan of Elba, which he knows extremely well. He is the owner of the first boutique hotel on the island, located in Capo Sant’Andrea, on the western side of the island.
Thank you for sharing some of the most interesting “gems” of information with us.

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