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A green kingdom just for nature-lovers

A striking collection of the most outstanding green spots

“luxuriant green”

The island’s green lung
A beautiful forest covers the slopes from Mount Capanne to Mount Perone on the north side of the island. It is dominated for long stretches by large, generous chestnut trees and is where people flock in autumn to harvest this cherished fruit. The whole area (see map >) is full of watercourses and natural springs and, especially during the rainy season, is alive with delightful streams that reshape mountain landscape with countless waterfalls.

“wildlife friends”

Encounters with mouflon and wild boars
Walking along the footpaths, or along the main road, SP37, leading south between Poggio and Monte Perone, many species of animals can be encountered at close quarters. Herds of mouflon and families of wild boars can be frequently spotted. The massif of Monte Capanne, rich in water and vegetation, is the ideal habitat for these animals.

Walking alone or in the company of a donkey
Some trails in the green kingdom, especially in the area of Marciana, are ideal for relaxing walks, even alone. Alternatively, a friendly mule stable organizes excursions. The business is run by an environmental guide and offers leisurely donkey rides deep into the heart of the countryside and an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Donkey trails can be found near San Piero and Sant’Ilario.
For more info: Somareria Elbana >

“Don’t miss”

fluttering wings

The Butterfly Sanctuary
Elba is also known for its wide variety of butterflies, which can be found everywhere on the island. A veritable sanctuary for Lepidoptera was established and over the years has recorded as many as fifty different species.
A trail through the sanctuary leads from the Monte Perone picnic area.
For info: Butterfly Sanctuary >

“Things to do”


Chestnut Festival
The event takes place on a weekend at the end of October and early November in the old village of Poggio and is a traditional festival, with food stands in collaboration with Slow Food and trekking organized by PNAT. Build up an appetite by strolling along the lanes, enjoying the chestnut-based delicacies on offer at the Festival.

The Marciana area has a wealth of wonderful footpaths. You can contact the offices of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park to participate in interesting group excursions or check out the dates on the Walking festival calendar. In the evening you can dine in either of the most popular restaurants on the island: Osteria del Noce in Marciana or Publius in Poggio.

Adventure and relaxation, the perfect holiday combination for couples. Visit the Green Kingdom and its countless, beautiful footpaths and later relax at the boutique Hotel Ilio, Hotel of the Year, in a soothing, regenerating atmosphere offering everything from wellness to interesting, tailor-made days out. For info: Hotel Ilio >

The walking festival is the best way to see the green island kingdom of Elba Itineraries of various kinds, including those suitable for children. Please see the schedule of the Walking festival >
The green kingdom is the perfect place for encountering mouflon and wild boars. If you love animals, please contact the Somareria for an excursion on these appealing donkeys. Somareria elbana >
For picnics, there are many places for eating outside, for example the designated areas on Monte Perone. At dinnertime, enjoy one of the best mountain restaurants such as Publius, in Poggio, or Osteria del Noce, in Marciana.

By Roberto Ridi
A walk immersed in colourful landscapes as seen through the eyes of the photographer and connoisseur of Elba, Roberto Ridi, who has documented nature’s most wonderful features and also captured people and life in their most authentic aspects.

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