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The lunar terraces on crystal veils

Monte Calamita (the Magnet Mountain) recounts the great industrial history of Elba. Its name and uniqueness derive from the huge amount of magnetite and fabulous deposits of iron, some of the largest in Italy, which have profoundly marked the appearance of this part of the island.

White beaches and crystal clear waters

The north coast of Elba from Portoferraio and continuing westward to the Enfola promontory is lined with beautiful beaches and coves with white or ivory coloured coarse sand or pebbles and crystal clear waters. Usually, they are backed by high cliffs of white aplite, the mineral that makes this part of the island so spectacular.

Iridescent colours and unexpected views

“The mining area of Rio Albano, near Rio Marina, is one of the places that has given me greatest satisfaction from the point of view of chromatic research,” says Roberto Ridi, one of the most respected photographers of the island. “My advice is to go there on a day when the sky is blue, a few days after a good burst of rain, so the lakes will be larger, especially the first of the two you come to along the trail.

A green kingdom just for nature-lovers

A beautiful forest covers the slopes from Mount Capanne to Mount Perone on the north side of the island. It is dominated for long stretches by large, generous chestnut trees and is where people flock in autumn to harvest this cherished fruit. The whole area (see map >) is full of watercourses and natural springs and, especially during the rainy season, is alive with delightful streams that reshape mountain landscape with countless waterfalls.

Magic and enchantment: shipwrecks just below the surface

The Elviscot is the Italian merchant ship that went aground on the Ogliera Rocks near Pomonte. The ship has been there, lying in shallow water at a depth of dozen meters, clearly visible in the crystal clear sea not far from the beach, since 1972. To swim to the wreck is not difficult, and you can admire this piece of history just using a snorkel.

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